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5 Clever Ways to Replace Carbs

We all need carbohydrates in order to fuel our body and keep it running. However, too many carbohydrates in our diet can do more harm than good in the long term. Does this mean you have to cut out carbs completely? No, but it does mean that we need to make more of an effort to focus on moderation and making healthier, informed dietary choices.

This can be difficult when we acknowledge that the Western diet is very carbohydrate heavy. However, replacing carbohydrates in our favorite dishes isn’t too difficult when we know what substitutes we can make. Below Buzzfeed provides us with five clever ways to replace heavy carbs with foods that are significantly lower in carbohydrates and, overall, healthier. They introduce us to cauliflower, portabello mushrooms, squash, lettuce, and zucchini and how we can use these in our favorite meals.

From BuzzfeedVideo:

5 low-carb options to spice up your next cooking night!

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