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Chocolate Banana Ice Scream and Abs? Sign Us Up!

Some people think that in order to get abs, we have to do crunches all day. And some websites will advertise a secret way to get more defined abdominal muscles without any hard work at all! However, more evidence points to us needing to take into account what we are putting in our bodies while also reminding us that getting those ripped abs involves a lot of hardwork and exercise.

The single most important tool to getting those six pack abs is diet. You can have the best exercise routine ever, but if your diet sucks, then you will not get those visible abs. Does this mean we have to cut out everything that we love to eat? Not exactly. However, you will probably have to make adjustments to recipes and your eating routines.

Chloe Ting gives her tips below on how to get abs while also eating wholesome, filling meals. We provide a summary of the points she hits below:

  1. Eat whole foods.
  2. Avoid processed foods.
  3. Know what bloats you.
  4. Drink loads of water.
  5. Sleep 8 hours a day.
  6. Cardio exercises help to burn fats.

How about a 6-pack ab routine that includes ice cream?

From Chloe Ting:

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