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Get Lean with Lentils and Their Health Benefits

Lentils are a great staple to add into any diet, especially if you are trying to get healthy and lose weight. They are high in nutrition, comprised of a mixture of magnesium, folate, protein, and fiber. They are also low in calories and can keep you full for long periods of time due to their fiber content.

Despite the amazing health benefits lentils have, Americans do not generally include beans in their daily diet. According to a 2002 study, only 8% of American adults include beans, legumes, and lentils in their daily diet. Considering all of the benefits we can acquire from consuption of lentils, we should be eating more. But what are the top health benefits in eating lentils?

In the video below by Health Sutra, the top 7 benefits of consuming lentils are explained in a thoroughly detailed and easy manner. The top 7 health benefits are:

  1. Lentils help lower blood cholesterol.
  2. Lentils postively contribute to better heart health due to nutrients.
  3. Fiber in lentils helps to prevent constipation and improve digestive health.
  4. Fiber in lentils helps to stabilize blood sugar.
  5. Lentils contain third-highest levels of protein in legume family.
  6. Lentils can help increase energy levels.
  7. Need to lose weight? Lentils can help with that.

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