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Omega-3s Improve Memory, Prevent Cognitive Decline

The key to improving our brains is Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids have long been linked to improved cerebral function. A recent study conducted by researchers at Brown University and the Rhode Island Hospital and published in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia has found even more evidence in favor of the correlation. When given to patients, omega-3 fish oil supplements reduced the progression of age-related memory loss.

Forging ahead through research

Millions of American experience normal cognitive decline every year. According to the government figures, more than 5 million Americans are living with the condition. A new person develops a similar condition every 67 seconds. And, as of 2014, it has been estimated that treatment for age-related memory loss will cost the country $241 billion.

To investigate the role of omega-3s in this process, Lori Daiello, Pharm.D., professor of neurobiology and lead author of the study, looked at seniors. She gathered 229 health seniors, 397 with mild cognitive impairment and 193 patients with significant cognitive decline. Over a five year period, Daiello surveyed the subjects on their current use of omega-3 supplements. She also looked at any medications they were taking in addition to the supplements.

The study found that subjects who took omega-3 supplements showed significant improvements in their mental state.  Omega-3 exposure also produced observable changes in structures within the brain. This included increased ventricular and cerebral cortex gray matter volume – areas associated with healthy cognitive functioning.

The length of time taking Omega-3s has an overall effect.

The study also explained that the length of omega-3 exposure may have a significant influence on the nutrient’s overall effects. Other studies have proved the effectiveness of long-term omega-3 exposure. However, combating cognitive decline means that patients need to begin taking the supplements in middle age. Why? Because it is a preventative measure before the effects of age-related memory loss set in.

Daiello said in a statement:

“The field is currently engaged in numerous studies to find better treatments for people suffering with [cognitive decline]; however, researching ways to prevent [age-related memory loss] or slow cognitive decline in normal aging is of utmost importance. These findings are promising and highlight the need for future studies to expand the current knowledge of the effects of [fish oil supplement] use on cognitive aging and [normal cognitive decline.]”

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