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Refuel and Refocus Tips

Don’t wait for 2021 to start achieving your goals, start NOW. We’re sharing our top tips to staying focused even in these challenging times. Because when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Get 8 hours of sleep, you need it

You’ve heard this advice a million times but that’s for good reason. Sleeping gives your brain the time it needs to clear out any waste, consolidate information, and reenergize your cells. If you’re not getting enough sleep and quality sleep your brain has a harder time performing these tasks. Set a nightly routine that helps you decompress before bed and by keeping a strict sleeping schedule. Give your body the rest it needs to help you be your best and most productive self.

Write it down!

Before bed write out your goals for the following day and what time you need to achieve each goal by. This will help clear your mind and make sure that the following day you know exactly what needs to be done and by what time. Small habits that keep you accountable will make things easier for achieving your goals in the long run.

Give yourself a break.

Nobody can be 100% all the time and there should be no guilt in that. Even in our hectic schedules it’s important to get into the daily practice of downtime. Set aside anywhere from 5 mins to an hour each day to: turn off your phone on your lunch break, go for a walk, read a book, listen to music, take a hot shower, meditate.  Whatever you choose just remember: you deserve it and your brain will thank you.

Give yourself an extra boost.

Sometimes you just need a little boost. That’s why we created Cognitive Boost Brain Health Supplement as a natural energy + focus enhancer to give you that extra mental edge. It’s an advanced omega-3 supplement, that combines highly-concentrated omega-3 DHA with Alpha-GPC to boost neurotransmitter activity, while supporting memory, focus, concentration, and energy — with zero caffeine.

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